Unemployment Extension News for 2012 and 2013

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4/30/2013: In March of 2013, President Obama and Congress, Reauthorized the Federal Extensions: The EDD will be able to automatically reopen extension claims if they continue certifying for federal extension benefits for those who were claiming Unemployment Extension benefits.

3/31/2013: In March of 2013, the federal spending cuts (sequestration) went into effect. This applies to all tiers beginning with the payment for the benefit week ending April 6, 2013.

4/25/2012: In 3 weeks, over 100,000 residents of California will lose 20 weeks of extended benefits. This is due to the improvement in California`s overall economic status.

3/29/2012: Residents in the State of Indiana who are filing for 2012 Federal extensions are now required by State law to check in to a local WorkOne center in order to extend benefits. This was just announced today, and is required only of unemployed workers collecting in Indiana. The check-in process involves a short review to continue receiving compensation extension (tier 4 reduction).

3/16/2012: Voluntary CA compensation claimants were fewer last week, showing yet another sign of continued economic improvement on a national level. Additionally, claims hit a 4 year low for the freshly unemployed, leaving a sense this may also be due to improving labor conditions in CA.

99ers Information & Latest News

3/09/2012: The February National Unemployment Rate was released earlier today, showing the National rate remaining steady at 8.3% (same rate as was January of 2012). Interestingly, February reports also showed a creation of 227,000 jobs by the economy, during 2012 extension legislation update discussions. The US rate dropped for 5 straight months after August of 2011, and has remained at 8.3% since December. Each State is continuing to show slow but encouraging gains, however Florida claim figures have increased.

Latest news | 2017 news | 2016 news | 2015 news | 2014 news | Older news 3/05/2012: 2012 Career Training options have become available to all unemployed individuals in all 50 States for those collecting first-time insurance benefits, including workers effected by the tier reduction. The National UnemploymentOrg encourages all who collect benefits to take advantage of additional benefit calculations.

March 1, 2012: The official latest news today from the United States Labor Board showed over 2.8 million unemployed workers labeled as "marginally attached", meaning people who have been wanting to work but have not found a job in the past year. Unfortunately, these individuals were NOT counted in the 99ers seasonally adjusted figures (any person who hasn`t looked for work in 4 weeks or more is not counted), which if added to the January statistics would show a national rate well above 10%. This has caused a rising concern of tier 5 99ers & unemployed workers figures effecting the extended benefit tiers & eligibility for the unemployed.

Important Updates to Consider: The 2012 extension for 99ers has greatly helped the State of California, as an estimated 1.2 million CA residents are currently unemployed. Although the 2012 compensation extension is supposed to be for only 73 weeks, in California, the EUC government vote will will be as long as 93 weeks this year due to the newly formed federal update.

02/23/12: President Obama gives an overview of the success of the EB Program, while proposing future plans in maximizing Federal compensation:

Recent Announcements:

02/17/12: Revisions & Changes Discussed, changes in benefits include the revision of the four tiers, reducing each tier from 99 weeks to now 73 weeks (in addition to drug testing). Changes will begin June 1, 2012 - see the new structure of tiers for Emergency Unemployment Compensation Extension.
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Enacted via Congress

All who seek to file for Federal extended benefits can start their filing process online.

NJ Policies May Change

2/13/12: Obama`s new stimulus is being proposed today that includes many planks of the American Jobs Act. This includes a Federal Extension of the payroll tax cut, as well as the Fed bill through the end of 2012. A $30 billion investment into the modernization of 35,000 schools across the US is included in the NJ stimulus, in an effort to help retain and hire additional teachers. Obama also introduces Project rebuild for the unemployed, a program creating jobs in the re-purpose of residential and commercial properties in distressed communities.

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2/07/12: Both the House & Senate are currently debating a revision to tier triggers that would require a high school diploma or GED in order to collect through 2012. If the bill passes, an individual seeking 99ers without a diploma would be entitled to compensation if enrolled in a high-school equivalency program. Congress is expected to have closure on details of the the 73 week benefit extension within days.

2/02/12: Filings for regular benefits, in addition to compensation extension numbers was smaller last week, which is a sign of the improvement of the US work force. Reports show a drop in tier 5 adjusted extension applications by 12,000, according to the US Labor Department today. The same report showed an addition of 200,000 jobs in December nationwide.

1/29/12: President Barack Obama pushes for the remaining four tiers to Congress until the end of 2012, stating it is "the most pressing matter". The US commerce department has released a report today showing an expansion of US economy by 2.8% in the fourth quarter, which is certainly great news. Obama continued his occupational training push in Michigan on Friday, by apealing Congress for action on job growth and job training benefits through higher education.

Latest News on Tier 5 Unemployment Extension: "...To prepare for the employment of tomorrow, a commitment to skills and extending education must be considered. " -President Obama. In his State of the Union Address yesterday evening, President Obama emphasizes the importance of higher education for those looking at the unemployed workers for the remainder of their 99 weeks- to strengthen the US job force. Additional resources have been introduced in 2012 that encourage those collecting maximum Michigan state benefits for 73 weeks to continue occupational training.

1/22/12: This week, congress will meet to discuss the details of the 2012 extension update. Regular benefits set to exhaust will expire on February 29, as we all hope they come to an agreement before it expires. Republicans want to reduce tier 5 extension benefits, while freezing pay for federal workers, according to Bloomberg.

01/19/12: Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac have announced the allowance of up to 6 months of deferred payments for any US citizen who is currently unemployed with a mortgage on their home. Banks can extend the forbearance up to 1 full year. All unemployed individuals are advised to contact their mortgage holding bank in order to receive a forbearance on their mortgage payments if on additional 99ers.

01/14/12: Congress has approved the 2012 reduced benefits for update on 12/23/11 for 60 days. The extension of compensation has extended benefit options, and the legislation for all unemployed tiers. Those who are unemployed are able to continue collection of extended benefits, while moving to the next tier of maximum compensation benefits during this short period.

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*IMPORTANT: Be sure to check with your State for details on your full eligibility requirements, or to begin the voluntary benefits process.