Hawaii Unemployment Insurance benefits is an option for unemployed residents who have lost employment through no fault of their own. The State provides benefits in Hawaii in the form of 99ers assistance set by both Federal and Hawaii State law.

2012 Hawaii Unemployment Insurance

Hawaii compensation amounts are determined by the amount you were earning before being laid off. Keep in mind, there are requirements to qualify for UI to begin with, like how many weeks you worked at your previous job.

Hawaii State benefits are generally offered for a 26 week maximum. It is important to note that when the unemployment rate in Hawaii is higher than usual, unemployed Hawaii residents can qualify for an extension. The State will compensate you for 50% percent of the wage amount you've previously earned (in most cases).

In Hawaii, unemployed workers are expected to continue to search for new employment
in order to maintain their eligibility

Hawaii Unemployment Insurance Changes

Requirements for compensation amounts and lengths of benefits depend on the current rate for Hawaii. Full detail on all requirements in regards to receiving compensation can be found on the Hawaii directory page.

HI Unemployment Insurance

Revisions w/ Hawaii Unemployment Insurance

Those who have exhausted all original insurance in Hawaii are entitled to extended benefits or extension IF the Hawaii rate is higher than usual.

Under these circumstances, the basic extended benefits program in actually provides up to 13 extra weeks of Hawaii compensation. As of 2012, Hawaii has implemented a voluntary program to compensate another 7 weeks all the way up to 20 weeks at maximum. See the eligibility section for rules & guidelines in Hawaii.