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Unemployed workers can apply for benefits using our online application (which is self-service). The online system here allows applicants to manage their insurance compensation payments, as well as file initial MN claims.

It is highly recommended to apply for as soon as you become unemployed. Claimants who wait to file can have their benefits reduced substantially. Large loss of hours can make you eligible for benefits, in addition to a complete loss of a job.

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Minnesota Unemployment Laws

  • For non-US citizens: Alien Registration Number
  • Drivers License or State Government Identification Number
  • Mailing Address
  • Telephone Number
  • Birth Date
  • Employment History (dating back 18 months)
  • Name, address, and contact number for each previous employer
  • Dates of employment
  • Your wages earned at each employer
  • Reasons for leaving each employer
  • For Military: DD-214 Member 4 information (not required)
  • For Direct Deposit Inquiries: Can be setup upon completion of application

Minnesota Unemployment Benefits Extension

All Minnesota claim applicants are entitled to 50 percent of their previous wage (averaged weekly). Currently the State maximum weekly benefits payment is $578.

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Upon completion of the online application, most claimants will receive their first compensation check 3 weeks from filing. Instructions are mailed to each applicant that requires reporting of income, as well as weekly benefit amount determinations.

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