Michigan Unemployment Insurance Agency

Michigan Unemployment Claim

State benefits serve as temporary financial income for all who qualify for compensation, and currently eligible. This online system can be used to file a new claim, or to re-open an existing filing.

MI insurance is maintained by the Michigan Bureau of Compensation for the Workforce.


Michigan Unemployment Forms

Applicants who file for compensation will receive via mail:

  • Information confirming their eligibility for benefits, including the amount of compensation they are to receive on a weekly basis.

  • Separate notices will be issued for claimants who do not qualify within 2 weeks of applying.

  • All approved claimants will receive detailed information about regarding state UI rights, as well as responsibilities needed in order to maintain their eligibility.

Marvin Michigan Unemployment

  • Compensation qualifications begin with your previous earnings. All applicants must meet a minimal wage amount to qualify for benefits.

  • In 2012, the yearly minimum salary an applicant must have to meet eligibility is $14,699.25.

  • Claimants must be physically able to work.

  • Claimants must register with a local Michigan Works Agency, or show proof of active job searching attempts. Registering with a local Michigan Works Agency must be completed in person at a Michigan office location (after filing a claim).

Michigan Unemployment Qualifications

  • Compensation is received by check via mail, weekly.
  • The first compensation check received covers the first 2 weeks of benefits.
  • Claimants are expected to report on a weekly basis via phone or internet in order to maintain their certification eligibility.
  • Typically, applicants are compensated 50% of their previous job earnings.

For individuals who are employed WHILE collecting Michigan benefits:

If a claimant's total earnings are more than or equal to their weekly benefits amount, benefits will be reduced by .50 for every $1.00 made.

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