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Indiana state requirements are comprised of a few key points listed below, which may determine claimant eligibility for benefits.

The Indiana application follows certain eligibility laws for benefits, including a reasoning for being unemployed as qualifying determining factors.

Indiana Unemployment Rules

IN unemployed residents can collect benefits on the basis of:
  • The amount of money earned during previous employment(s); referred to as a "base period" of work. Applicants are expected to earn a minimum of $2,750.00 in for a whole base period (1 year) to qualify, or $1,650.00 in 6 months.
  • Reasoning for unemployment; applicants must be terminated from employment through no fault of their own in order to qualify.
  • Availability to work; claimaints must be available to work. Those who are not available to work for a period of time due to injuries or illness still qualify, however benefits are reduced by 1/3 of weekly benefit amounts.
  • Actively looking for new work; applicants must be actively seeking full-time work, in addition to participating in any job referrals made by the Indiana office. A refusal to work is an immediate disqualifying factor.

Indiana Unemployment Extensions

Extension Claims Details of 2012:

New changes in federal law now require extended benefits applicants to schedule an interview w/ the WorkOne office after filing their extension application online. Applicants must keep a log of 3 job search activities completed every week, which must be presented when filing, in order to receive more than 26 weeks of benefits.

WorkOne reviews will be implemented for all claimants are required for all second-round (extended compensation) filings in person. This has gone into effect as of March of 2012 in Indiana.

Indiana Unemployment Voucher

    Indiana's 6 Tiers of Benefits:
  • Normal State Unemployment is the first 26 weeks
  • Extension Tier 1, weeks 27-46 of compensation
  • Extension Tier 2, weeks 47-60 of benefits
  • Extension Tier 3, weeks 61-73 of compensation
  • Extension Tier 4, weeks 74-79 of benefits

( Extended Benefits: (EB), weeks 75-99 of benefits )

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