Filing For Unemployment in Illinois

Applying for Unemployment in Illinois

Illinois compensation is paid to UI eligible workers who are no longer employed at no fault of their own. Before applying for benefits, it is always recommended to review the overview of 2012 filing regulations listed below.

on Step 3 of your filing process, applicants have the ability to ask questions pertaining to their claim status and/or compensation amounts.

(UI) Illinois Unemployment Teleserve

All unemployed individuals in the State of Illinois are entitled to compensation, if the following criteria is met:
  • All applicants are required to earn a specified wage amount in the past 18 months in order to receive benefits, as well as calculate benefit amounts.
  • Termination of previous job must be a no fault situation (lay-offs and discharges are OK).
  • Under circumstances of "fault" job loss: In these cases (fired, terminated for reasons of your own, etc.) claimants must schedule an interview at their local Illinois office, at which time the applicant can present their reasonsoning for termination. Typically interviews are scheduled 2 weeks from the date you file for IL State online.
  • In order to collect Illinois benefits, claimants must be available for new work, while actively looking for a new job.
  • In Illinois, individuals must undergo a certification process in order to continue collecting unemployment.
  • Applicants who are not awarded eligibility for compensation have the abilility to file for an appeal.

Illinois Unemployment Calculator

Weekly benefit amount determinations:

Weekly compensation amounts will vary. Claimants who are married with a spouse who is not working can receive up to $460 per week (depending on other factors as well).

Unemployment benefit amounts in Illinois are measured by the amount you were being paid before you were laid off. This amount is calculated by your wages over a 3 month period from your previous employer(s).

Illinois Unemployment Certification

The certifications process refers to the questions you will be asked during your filing process. The simple process determines not only your eligibility but also length and amount of benefits.
  • Once an application is certified, the applicant has the option of applying for a direct depost of their compensation at the time of filing.
  • Online Illinois claims are usually processed within 72 hours of completion. To file for Illinois unemployment, claimants can click the button above to begin their application filing.
  • Upon completion of your application filing, IDES will provide all applicants with Workforce Job seeking services to aid in your period of unemployment.
  • Applications claimed on or before December 23, 2012 have maximum benefits of up to 73 weeks in IL.

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State of Illinois Unemployment

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