Florida Unemployment Claim

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*Unemployed residents the State of Florida have the ability to file for benefits using this web-form filing center.

Be sure to carefully read each filing question before answering in order to apply online correctly. If you are ready to file, but earned the majority of your wages out of state, be sure to follow the directions on step 3 of the web-form.

Florida Unemployment Laws

All new claimants on or after 08/01/2011 are required to complete the Initial Skills Review online after filing for Florida unemployment, in order to keep your eligibility. The review is designed to match claimants with relevant job positions/interviews (FL Workforce services) while unemployed (detailed instruction on step 3 of the filing process).

  • New State law as of 2012 also requires all claimants to make 5 potential future employer contacts on a weekly basis to stay eligible for these benefits.
  • Individuals who cannot contact 5 potential employers on a weekly basis must visit a nearby local FL office location (listed on right column) to receive assistance in satisfying the requirement.

Determining Your Claim Status:

Your claim will begin on the day you complete your application. All unemployed applicants will be asked to provide:

  • Full contact information of all previous employers since Talk to our watch replicas advisors in the U.S. 1-1-2011 (phone numbers, addresses, and names of employers).
  • Pay Stub, W2, or payroll address (if available).
  • The gross earnings from each employer, along with the dates you worked (approximate numbers are acceptable).
  • (If Applicable) The local contact information and name of your labor union hall.
  • For Federal workers only: Must provide either Check Stubs and SF-80 Form, or a W-2.
  • For Direct Deposit: In order to obtain your Florida compensation via direct deposit, you will need to have either a deposit slip or check available.

IMPORTANT: Your claims process is not complete until the last page of this internet application. You will be given a confirmation number upon completion. Please note that if you not receive this confirmation number after filing your claim, your application will not be processed.

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