California Unemployment Department Claim

California Unemployment Claim

*Temporary Compensation is available to those individuals who meet CA unemployment eligibility requirements and CA Law. (benefits are available only to those who were employed).

If you wish to file for unemployment in CA, you must have discontinued employment through no fault of your own in most circumstances.

Unemployment California Application Online

Unemployed workers who apply for California unemployment have the ability to utilize the online claims center located here. Those who are unsure if they meet California unemployment eligibility state law requirements, can follow the following basic overview:
  • In California, you must have been employed for an established period of time, most commonly referred to as a "base period" to receive California unemployment benefits through the California unemployment insurance code.
  • Applicants must respond to any questions about their unemployment eligibility during and after completion of the CA unemployment application.
  • Any potential earnings from employment (informal or formal) must be reported.
  • Job offers, or any refusal to work during a period of unemployment must be reported.
  • Claimants must provide valid contact information (names, addresses, point of contacts, etc.) of their previous employer(s) dating back 18 months from the date of your claim.
  • In order to complete a filing application, applicants must be prepared to show that loss of work was at no fault of their own (it is recommended to keep a record or copy of your termination notification if possible).

California Unemployment Amount Calculator

Typically, those who are eligible for California unemployment compensation can expect to receive anywhere from 30-50% of their previous wages in compensation.

It can take up to 2 weeks after filing for unemployment online before receiving an unemployment benefits check from the EDD California Department of Unemployment.

Unemployment Extension in California

    The CA unemployment extension is implemented for 2012, with minor adjustments to the CA unemployment calculator.
  • Claims made on or before May 6, 2012 are still eligible for 99 weeks of extended compensation.
  • Claims completed on or before May 20, 2012 are reduced to 89 weeks of compensation.
  • Applications submitted on or before August 26th of 2012 are set to a maximum of 79 weeks of unemployment insurance.
  • Applications claimed on or before December 23, 2012 have maximum CA benefits of up to 73 weeks.

*Claimants who become unemployed on or before the dates above are subject to the stated extension guidelines above in 2012. The unemployment extension process begins by completing the CA application online. The State offers CA Career Training in addition to compensation.

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CA State Unemployment Rate

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