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*All residents in AL are responsible for meeting the requirements for Alabama unemployment benefits compensation when filing a claim.

It is recommended to familiarize yourself with the information given to you during your filing process. The essential information provided to you while filing will aid in any questions you may have during your this claims process.

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The State of Alabama Unemployment Compensation Division provides unemployment benefits to residents of AL who have either:

-Have recently lost their job (or)
-Have been reduced to substantially lower hours of work (at no fault of their own)

*Not all individuals who apply for benefits can qualify for compensation. There are conditions which need to be met in order first obtain compensation in Alabama, as well as requirements to maintain all state eligibility.

Unemployment Compensation Alabama

1. Are the wages you earned enough to qualify? This is referred to as "monetary determination", which indicates the amount of money you were paid during your previous period of employment. replica rolex watches Your monetary determination will also ultimately determine the maximum AL benefit amount of compensation you will receive.

(W-2 Forms, a letter form your employer, or pay stubs may be required in some cases in order to provide proof of wages after filing your claim.)

2. Why were you laid-off from your last employer? Leaving your previous job voluntarily, or being fired due to misconduct can result in a disqualifation of benefits in AL.

*Any Alabama Unemployment Claimant who is disqualified from receiving unemployment compensation will receive a written decision via mail, after making the unemployment claim.

After making your intiial claim, there will be a waiting period of 1 week before receiving your first weekly compensation check. This grace period will not effect your claims balance, as it is served to you at the end of your compensation collection period (for instance, if you receive 21 weeks of benefits, you will receive an additional weekly compensation check on week 22).

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