Brattleboro Unemployment Office

Vermont Unemployment Office Location, in Brattleboro:

232 Main Street, Brattleboro, VT 05302-0920

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Brattleboro Resource Center

Residents in or near Brattleboro can call (802)-254-4555, for immediate supported assistance with the vt filing process, in addition to all claim options readily available in Vermont.

Brattleboro Office Phone Number(802)-254-4555
Fax (Brattleboro Office): (802)-257-2896

Hours: Monday to Thursday:7:45am to 4:30pmFriday: 11:00am to 4:30pm


The Brattleboro Office Location: The Brattleboro, vt office services recently unemployed claimants during normal hours of operation. Questions about state compensation amount calculation, and lengths are regularly updated in the state requirments section.

State Compensation Programs in Brattleboro

To see the career training options available in Brattleboro, Vermont, click here. Programs can be offered to individuals when there are high Vermont rate figures, you can check current statistics for the entire State of Vermont, or by County/City in real time.

UI Information For Brattleboro

Eligible residents in Brattleboro can apply for Vermont compensation online. All applicants in Brattleboro are required to meet all of the outlined regulations & rules to file in Vermont.

Applications for an extension in Brattleboro, or questions regarding available compensation in Brattleboro can be referenced, in addition to calculating lengths for the vt extension throughout 2012.

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Available State compensation amounts in Brattleboro, including state regulations & online web-claim instructions can be found in the vt extended claim filings section.